2 Different Ways To Serve Food At A Wedding

Although there are many different ways to serve food at a wedding there are two that are very popular. One is a sit-down dinner and the other is buffet-style. Each has their own unique benefits. Continue reading to see what benefits each one has to offer.

Sit Down Dinner

Although a sit-down dinner is typically the most formal and popular way to serve dinner at a wedding it does have its pros and cons. Some of the pros include your guests being served as well as your guests being cleaned up after. Guests never have to leave the table or worry about throwing out the trash. Another benefit to having a sit-down dinner is it may help to waste less food. There is often a set amount of food that each guest will receive. Some of the cons of having a sit-down dinner is each guest must eat when the food is served as well as each guest is only offered one helping.

Buffet Style

A buffet-style dinner is a more casual and informal way of serving dinner at a wedding. A buffet style means a large table filled with a large variety of foods that people serve themselves. There are many benefits to having a buffet style wedding. For one, guests can eat at their own convenience. For another, they can get as many helpings as they want. It is also a great way to ensure that there is a variety of food that all guests will like. Some of the cons include needing to order extra food as well as possibly wasting food in the end. Another large con is that people must serve and clean up after themselves.

Although both a sit-down dinner as well as a buffet style dinner at a wedding is great each offers their own unique pros and cons. It is important to think about your guests when deciding what type of way to serve food and how guests will enjoy Mexico wedding pictures.