Top 3 Events Surrounding A Wedding

Although the wedding is typically the main event there are usually a variety of other events that take place before, during or after the wedding. Below are just three of the top events that guests will usually attend when they are invited to be in a wedding.

Engagement party

An engagement party is often thrown a few months before the wedding just after the couple gets engaged. It is a great time to get together and congratulate the happy couple. Guest will often bring congratulatory gifts such as champagne or flowers.

Bachelor/bachelorette party

Although not every couple has a bachelor or bachelorette party it is a very popular tradition. Not every guest will be invited as it is often more for very close friends or family. Guests who are invited will often bring fun silly gifts such as alcohol.

Rehearsal dinner

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A rehearsal dinner is typically done a night or two before the wedding and is a way for guests who are in the wedding to practice what they will do on the big day. Bridesmaids, as well as groomsmen and all the other wedding party guests, will practice how they will walk as well as what they may say and then will often finish the evening with a big friends and family dinner.

Although there are many different events that take place during a wedding these are just three of the most common events. Not every wedding will have these and not every guest will be invited.